About David

David came to Project Lifeforce by means of his wife, Dana, who was taking classes here.  I did not like him from the moment he walked in.  He was brash...hard to read...didn't engage in much conversation.  I assumed he was just an ass.

David has become one of my closest friends and my favorite teacher.  

He teaches me about  loyalty.  He is the first person to help me every time I need help at Project Lifeforce.

He teaches me about GETTIN SHIT DONE.  While others put up reasons why things can't get started, or finished, David just does the job.  If something needs to get broken first...he breaks it.  If a different tool needs to be used...he finds it.  If you are being a jackass...he tells you to stop being a jackass.

He built the pegboard in the picture above.  He painted the flag on it.  It really dominates the wall.  At first I didn't like it...

That girl climbing the pegboard?  That is Presley.  She is the first female at Project Lifeforce to climb all the way up it...and come back down it.

So, what does David do here at Project Lifeforce?  Pretty much whatever he wants.  He is a Problem Solver and a Project Manager.  He is largely responsible for the remodel getting done.  He is also helping me put together the best kids outdoor program around.  His role is going to be teaching young people about orienteering, situational awareness, building things that matter (like garden boxes and homeless shelters) and developing leadership skills.