About Jay


Hi Friends.   I founded The Lifeforce Fitness Project in 2006.  Initially designed as a bridge between fitness and expanded wellness, my original focus was on infusing principles of yoga into the traditional fitness modalities that I grew up with as an athlete and coach.  I developed an hour long small group fitness class called Lifeforce Fit, which combined traditional strength training and cardio with yoga asana and mindfulness.  I also did personal training that addressed not only the physical realm, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual components of our being.

I still do that work.

As I have continued on my own wellness journey, I have enhanced the Lifeforce Fit class by incorporating a much more mindful approach to how we address the physical movement practice.  I have moved away from big weights and counting reps...and towards more focused attention as to how our intentions influence our physical creation at the smallest, subatomic energetic creation spaces.  My personal training practice, which originally focused on physical fitness, weight loss and muscle development, has become a Lifeforce Coaching practice that facilitates healing, higher consciousness, sense of purpose and clear direction for service to community.  

I am passionate about my role in helping to create healthy individuals.  Together, we create a healthy planet.

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