Project Lifeforce 2016 Fall Schedule


Lifeforce Fit with Jay

Mon @ 9am and 5:30pm

Wed @ 9am 

Fri @ 9am and 5:30pm

Sun @ 10:30am 

Join Jay for the perfect infusion of yoga, creative cardio, strength training, balance work and mindfulness.  Every class starts with Jay's version of a Sun Salutation...beginning with GYST pose (Tadasana).  If you don't know what GYST is, you need to get to class.

Jay created this class for the person who seeks balance.  It is the perfect way to stay strong, feel energized, practice mindfulness and release stress.  There is nothing else like it in Eugene.  No experience required.  Drop ins encouraged.  60-75 minutes.

LIGHTforce Fit with Jay

Mon @ 5:30pm

This is the same class as Lifeforce Fit...just dialed down a little bit.  It is perfect for the brand new student or anyone else who just wants a gentler version of Lifeforce Fit.  Please join us!  One hour.

High Intensity Interval Training with Jay Jr.

          Wed @ 5:30pm

Jay Jr. has created the perfect hour of creative high intensity strength training.  The regimen consists of short blasts of calisthenics, cross-training and functional fitness.  All you need for class is a willingness to get out of your comfort zone and a no-excuses attitude.  Everyone is raving about Jay Jr's new endeavor!

Meditation & Mindfulness with Dannette

Sun @ 9am 

Dannette starts your week with the perfect opportunity to sit quietly in a space with no distractions. Clear your mind. Connect with your higher self. Create with clarity.  Stay for Jay's 10:30 Lifeforce Fit Class for no additional charge.

Kids' Lifeforce Fit with Jay and Dannette (monthly series)

Mon @ 4:15

Wed @ 4:15

The perfect blend of yoga, introductory strength training, creative core and cardio conditioning.  Class is open to kids ages 7 to 13 years (ish).  Series will be co-taught by Jay and Dannette.  We are all about creating a fun, educational, and memorable experiences for these kiddos.  See details here


Today marks 1 month of my commitment to Project Lifeforce. Weight is just a number on the scale, something I haven’t kept track of in a long time. I decided to see where I was a month ago and today and I’m surprised to see -14lbs. Gone! But Lifeforce hasn’t been just a physical change. It’s made me comfortably uncomfortable at times, uplifted me emotionally and physically. It’s not a gym where we bust out our best elliptical skills and stare at ourselves in the mirror. It’s about mentally getting out of your head to do things you never thought were possible. I was looking for a place that offered yoga, cardio, core, balance and weights. Lifeforce had far exceeded my expectations, because it’s all of that plus more. Thank you for all you have given me Jay!