Lifeforce Fit w/Jay

Mon @ 9am

Wed @ 9am

Fri @ 9am and 5:30pm

Sun @ 10:30am 


Join Jay for 75 minutes of the perfect infusion of yoga, creative cardio, strength training, balance work and mindfulness.  Every class starts with Jay's version of a Sun Salutation...beginning with GYST pose (Tadasana).  If you don't know what GYST is, you need to get to class.

Jay created this class for the person who seeks balance.  It is the perfect way to stay strong, feel energized, practice mindfulness and release stress.  There is nothing else like it.m No experience required.  Drop ins encouraged.  75 minutes.


LIGHT forceFit w/Jay

Mon @ 5:30pm


This is the same class as Lifeforce Fit...just dialed down a little bit.  It is perfect for the brand new student or anyone else who just wants a gentler version of Lifeforce Fit.  Join us!  One hour.


Hatha Yoga w/Jay

Wed @ 5:30pm

Nobody teaches yoga the way Jay does.  Come play.  75 minutes


Unity Project

Sun @ 7pm


Join Dannette for identification, discussion and solution...  Sit quietly. Identify community needs.  Discuss ways that we can get involved.  Dive in.  One hour.


Kid's Fitness

Tues and Thurs @ 4:15pm 


Jay and Dannette bring all the Project Lifeforce concepts to youth ages 8-14 in this hour long class.  Beginning yoga.  Balance practice.  Creative cardio.  Core training.  Introductory strength training.  Mindfulness practice.  Choose once or twice a week.  Sign up early...this one fills fast since Jay is the Emerald Valley Club Youth Track Coach.