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Personal Training/Wellness Coaching with Jay

  Are you ready for a Wellness Evolution??


Jay Martin has been fitness coaching people in Eugene for the last 8 years...he has overseen 100's of transformations during that time.  He is dedicated to inspiring, motivating and educating anyone who desires to have a higher sense of wellness via fitness.


Jay does not believe in quick diets...but he does believe that anyone can immediately change directions.  Anyone can re-focus their energy, begin a new path, and find a sense of well-being.  His job is to help you to remember what is most important in life, to set clear and manageable intentions, to develop coherent strategies for success, to overcome obstacles, to stay motivated AND to help you MAINTAIN new habits.


All of Jay's fitness training is customized to each cookie cutter solutions.  He encourages his clients to adapt a wellness program that infuses yoga, cross-training, proper nutrition and consciousness exploration.  He understands that the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual all contribute to health.


His favorite sayings?  


  • Proper planning prevents poor performance.
  • Success is driven by 2 factors:  Setting clear intentions.  Forward motion.
  • GYST.  Get your shit together.



  • Please call Jay to set up a free consultation.
  • One session with Jay is $100.
  • Please contact Jay for pricing on larger packages.
  • Please also note that you are always welcome to bring a friend to a session FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST.



"I just wanted to thank you for all of your positive energy.  My goals are coming to fruition--I have lost nearly 40 pounds since meeting you and have reached my goal of starting my own brewery.  You have taught me that I can do more than I ever dreamed."  Trevor  


Interested??  The next step is to call Jay.  541.743.0778.  No pressure.  He can tell you about all your options, answer any questions, and discuss payment.  Thanks!



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