Lifeforce Coaching, Energy Healing & Meditation with Dannette



I am now offering a new service – Energy Healing – to be used as an adjunct to Lifeforce Coaching.  Allow me to be your guide on a journey to deepen your daily practice, tune in to your energetic body, and facilitate flow through your chakra system.  I customize my approach to you – your needs, preferences and lifestyle.  I employ the arts of Reiki, talk, sound, crystal work and light touch to help you feel more expansive and blissful.  I coach and support you to develop a daily meditation practice.  Please come visit with me…relax, feel great, raise your vibration and open yourself to the flow of LOVE!


What is Energy Healing?

Unexpressed emotions can show up in your body and cause dis-ease by acting like a dam in what should be a beautiful and flowing river. Energy healing is a holistic practice which activates the body’s subtle energy systems to pull out stagnant or stuck energy, open channels and allow lifeforce to flow more freely.  In my healing practice, I open myself up as a conduit to bring Lifeforce through you - stimulating and enhancing your body’s inherent ability to heal itself.  I employ the arts of Reiki, talk, sound, crystals and light touch to help you feel more expansive and blissful!

Introductory prices for a limited time! 

I really want you to experience these powerful modalities so I'm offering special prices...

Your first session is free!

Single Sessions - $50 each

Four Session Packages - $160 each

(Packages can be shared amongst members of a household)

Please call or text me to schedule your first appointment: 541.302.2630



I am Dannette Martin, RN/ND

I am a holistic nurse, wellness coach and Reiki practitioner. I have always felt a deep connection to Mother Nature and have spent my entire adult life taking care of people. In July of 2016, I left my conventional healthcare job to pursue a path to bring about true healing to myself, humanity and the planet. I am an outdoorsy girl and am most passionate about sharing my love with my family, making kombucha, gardening and doing yoga!

541.302.2630...please call me to schedule to start on your personal transformation!