Kids' Fitness Class

   The details:

  • Class meets Mondays @ 4:15-5:15
  • We will learn and practice a basic yoga routine that is a modification of a sun salutation.
  • The kids will develop a basic strength training routine, using creative bodyweight techniques and light-weight dumbbells.
  • We will teach basic anatomy and physiology principles.
  • Kids will work on coordination, balance and speed development in every session.
  • We love to take your kids outside to run, hike and play! Weather permitting, we will spend as much time outdoors as possible!
  • We generally close class with a quiet practice - kids love the opportunity to be still and quiet (believe it or not!) and it's a great way for them to get centered before we return them to you!

We promise that your kids will have fun!  We have a comfortable place for parents to hang out and watch the class...or feel free to drop kids off and leave.

Returns in September 2017.  Thank you so much to everyone who made for such an amazing class throughout the 2016-2017 school year!

$36 per child


All classes start and end at Project Lifeforce - 380 W. 1st Ave in Eugene

Please share with your friends - your referrals are most valuable to us.

THANK YOU for your support!


We LOVE your kids and we LOVE to bring our unique brand of fitness to them!




We offer scholarships: speak with Jay or Dannette if you or someone you know has a need.