LifeForce Coaching with Jay and Dannette

Jay and Dannette have closed the doors at our Eugene location, and have embarked on a journey into Central America.  We will be back in action with coaching, teaching and retreats in mid 2018.  Stay tuned...

Are you ready for the next wave in your Wellness Evolution??  

At The Lifeforce Fitness Project, the business that we started a decade ago, our focus was primarily on helping you improve your physical fitness.  With that work we were striving to create a bridge between physical wellness and the ability for you to make better, more conscious choices about your life.

 We still do that work...

We are still here to help you create physical health...but we ALSO coach you in the exploration of higher consciousness, creation of more fulfilling life experiences, and discovery of your role as a leader in your community.  

We do that as a Lifeforce Coaches...

Our primary service is to coach you to become more fully immersed in your potential as a human being.  We are here to help you re-define the key components that create your happiness and sense of purpose.

  • We will help you with creating and practicing a mindfulness/meditation practice.
  • We  will teach you how to take better care of your physical body via strength training, yoga, proper eating habits and healthy activity.
  • We will facilitate your movement toward finding your passion project and then we will show you how to immerse yourself in it.
  • We will help you overcome the fears that disable your movement with purpose.
  • Together, we will remember to be thankful for this life and to find peace and happiness in the present moment.
  • Together, we will optimistically create a world that is harmonious and healthy.  

We are ready to hear about who you desire to become, and what you wish to create...

Call either one of us for a Discovery Session...a free conversation about the next step.

541.302.2630 for Dannette   541.743.0778 for Jay


It is our mission at Project Lifeforce to facilitate community that knows how to have fun AND STAY YOUNG...while energizing the body, mind and soul.  We promise to  provide our community a space and the skills to center themselves, contemplate important issues, create positive energy, and transition FORWARD with purpose.


"I've wanted to write and let you know how incredibly impactful Lifeforce was and how much YOU and attending your classes helped me so very much. It's hard to put into words....but I am so incredibly thankful. I was attending your workouts for my "physical body" but my spirit was strengthened when I needed it the most.  I'm now fulfilling some life long dreams of mine and they are all becoming a reality. I'm stronger physically but more importantly, I'm stronger on the inside. Thank you for your help, encouraging words, and example. You will always have a very special place in my heart ❤️  "