Parents' Night Out

All Parents Night Out evenings are held at Project Lifeforce, located at 380 W. 1st Ave in Eugene.  Call Jay with questions @ 541.743.0778

The next Parents' Night Out will be in September...once the rain returns.

Dannette and Jay have been married for 24 years and have raised two awesome kids.  One key to our marital success is that we have ALWAYS had DATE NIGHT once a week.   When young Jay and Cenna were little, we were fortunate to have reliable, smart young adults around to babysit for us...because Jay was a High School teacher and had students to help us out.  

WE WANT YOU to go out on a date!  Leave your kids with us!  We promise to have multiple activities that are productive and engaging.  One side of the studio is set up for action packed physical fitness activities (like soccer or obstacle courses) while the other side is perfect for art and creation opportunities (like candle making and mural painting).  Weather permitting, we will take kids outside to run, play and hike.


  • Remaining Parents' Nights Out: April 30.
  • Each Parents' Night Out runs from 5pm to 9pm.
  • $30 for kiddo one.  Additional siblings $10.
  • Dannette and Jay are running the show, with the help of some awesome teenagers that we love and trust.

Questions?  Call Jay @ 541.743.0778 or Dannette at 541.302.2630