4 Week Group Coaching with Jay & Dannette

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a four week coaching series:

Get Your Shit Together

Here is the plan:

At the beginning of each week, on Sunday (except Saturday on Fathers' Day weekend) evening at 5:30, we meet for two hours.  Dannette and Jay will present information and insights about the weekly subject matter, followed by a twenty minute meditation, a twenty minute open forum, and a twenty minute strategy session.  We explore your feelings, your habits, your needs and your plan for growth. 

You agree to an action plan for the week.  This plan includes daily quiet practice, journaling, and implementation of strategies created at the beginning of the week.

Each week, on Wednesday or Thursday, you have an individual coaching session with Dannette or Jay in person, by phone, by Facetime or by Skype about your progress pertaining to the weekly topic.  We promise to help you overcome obstacles, provide insights that create momentum and further develop new habits.

Week One (Sunday, June 5):  Optimizing fitness and health.

Week Two (Sunday, June 12):  Creating opportunities that serve our life purpose and promote a healthy planet.

Week Three (SATURDAY, June 18):  Fostering meaningful, loving relationships at home and in our community.

Week Four (Sunday, June 26):  Developing mindful and meditative quiet practices that increase consciousness.

We will ALSO investigate healthy eating habits...via an ongoing Facebook dicussion group dedicated to ethical eating, meal planning and creative cooking.  Jay is a wizard in the kitchen.

We are excited to spend time with you exploring opportunities to become happier, more conscious, more ALIVE.  


Want an even better deal?

Include an unlimited class pass (June 1 to July 1)) with your small group coaching experience.  That pass normally costs $110.  And, yes, you can put a previously purchased pass on hold during that time.  





Is this for you?

Our experience as coaches is that most people desire the same stuff in life.  We want happiness.   We want to look and feel our best.  We want great relationships.  We want financial security.  We want to do work that is meaningful.  We want the time to pursue passion projects.  We also feel a strong pull to somehow make a difference in a world facing serious challenges.

We can have all of those things.  We can have them AND we can facilitate a mass transition to a healthier world at the same time.

How do we do all that?

For that to happen, Dannette and I believe that we need to first be honest about some of the human challenges that we all face:

  • Most of the cultural systems that should be designed to educate our population, create health, produce wealth and promote social welfare are BROKEN.  
  • We live in a paradigm that creates opportunities for the few while often destroying opportunities for the many.  We have given our collective power away to governments, corporations and influential individuals who mostly don't care about the welfare of humanity.
  • Being honest about the health of our planet and EVERYTHING on it IS A CHALLENGE because so many people don't want to hear about the truth.  The truth is uncomfortable.
  • MORE and more people are beginning to wake up to the deceptive and irrational decisions and policies handed out by government, health care, educational institutions, mass media and many corporations.  

What the FUCK, you say?  Where does the coaching come in to play?

We want to bring a coaching series that is about taking back our power...our power to create the lives we desire.  To do that we have to have some honest conversations addressing the disconnect between our choices and the sanity of our choices.  Dannette and I firmly believe that the path to a healthy mind and body is via a closer examination of what we eat, how we exercise, what we do for work and how we develop community.  We also believe that our individual health must lead to the health of our communities and the planet...or it really is health at all.