Workforce Wellness

Project Lifeforce

Bringing Fitness & Wellness to Employees & their families... 

At Project Lifeforce, we believe that people given the opportunity to take care of their bodies, minds and spirits are better prepared to make a difference in their families, communities and workplaces.  That's why we offer a multitude of options to help employers support their employees and families to incorporate fitness and wellness into their lives.  Whether you're an employee or a manager/company owner, please talk to us!  Together we can determine ways in which Project Lifeforce can benefit the folks in your workplace.  

Here are a few possibilities...

Discounts on the services we offer at Project Lifeforce:

In collaboration with Project Lifeforce, companies can offer employees/families classes and services already offered at the Project Lifeforce studio at a discounted rate. Fitness classes, kids' fitness, personal training, meditation and life coaching are currently offered and can be extended by employers to their workforce and their families.

Please contact Dannette Martin to learn more about discounts through our corporate program.

Call Dannette @ 541.302.2630

Fitness and Wellness in the workplace:

Does it make more sense to bring our classes and services to your workplace? We can do that! We will work with you to determine which specific services would best suit your employees needs and bring them to you in your setting. Most of what we offer can be brought to you including fitness classes, meditation, life coaching, and personal training. Just let us know of your needs and we will customize a plan to meet your needs.

Please contact Dannette Martin to learn more about Fitness and Wellness in the workplace.

Call Dannette @ 541.302.2630

Programs customized to your company:

Do you want us to design a class, series or training for your employees and have it right here at our awesome facility?  We can do that also!  How about a Saturday morning class, meditation, or team building activity just for your group? Yep, we can do that too. 

Call Dannette @ 541.302.2630